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Beauty Giveaway

I'm no expert when it comes to beauty and I could definitely do with a few tips when it comes to skincare but I still do enjoy nice products.

I'm not really one for following trends and running out to buy the latest Instagram sensation but there's a brand I've used and loved for years.

More recently I've been working closely with them and I'm thrilled to be able to offer a giveaway!

Neal's Yard opened their doors on 4th December 1981 in Covent Gardens. They're a passionate company and believe that beauty should be natural. They believe in nature and honesty which I think is amazing. They're such a ethical company and firmly stand by their beliefs and morals.

This company is a bit of a hidden gem despite their many awards:

Ethical Consumer Best Buy 2017
Mama And Baby Award Winner 2017
Beauty Shortlist Award Winner 2017
Janey Loves Platinum Awards 2017
Green Parent Award Silver 2017
Veggie Award
Natural Health Magazine Beauty Award 2016
Best Organic Skincare Brand 2016
Best Bridal Beauty Award 2015
Earth Day Beauty award 2015

Pretty impressive!

I've been enjoying so many of their products lately.

The award winning Wild Rose Beauty Balm, it smells amazing and leaves my skin feeling silky smooth. The balm is so moisturising. It also comes with an organic cotton muslin cloth. I love the feel and smell of my skin when I've used this. I highly recommend it after the chore of shaving your legs if like me you're too much of a wimp for waxing.

White Tea Facial Mist has been a lifesaver during these hot days. My skin isn't in great condition at the minute and these changes in weather are definitely no help. If either really oily and my makeup goes patchy or I'm dry and flakey with lots of breakouts. The mist has been perfect for the warmer days to help keep my skin hydrated. Smells amazing too! I'm yet to find a Neal's Yard product that doesn't smell good!

Close Shave Oil - My partner has been using the Neal's Yard Men's Range. He was quite dubious at first as I'm always getting him to try products and have face masks but he went ahead and agreed to be my puppet for the day. He only shaves once a week and he usually suffers with little red shaving spots that irritate him even though he using pre and post shave balm and moisturises often. The Close Shave Oil smelt amazing! And he said the razor glided much easier, he only used a few drops on his face and said his skin felt so smooth afterwards. He didn't have any shaving either. It was a yes from him!

I've got lots more products to try out so I'll keep you all updated but I thought it would be nice to run a little giveaway and give others the chance to sample some of these beautiful products.

Winner will be picked at random using Rafflecopter, all entries will be checked and verified. UK entrants only.

This is not a sponsored post. 1 winner will receive a goodie bag of NYR products with a minimum value of £30.

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Monday Motivation Meal Planning

It's that time again where I get a little boost of Monday Motivation.

As you may or may not know, I'm getting married next year and I'm shredding for the wedding. I've lost an amazing amount of weight (don't mean to blow my own trumpet but I've done so well and all will be revealed next week!) and one of the things that's helped me stay on track is menu planning. If it gets to 6pm, I'm tired, hungry and have no idea what I'm eating then chances are it won't be salad, vegetables or anything remotely healthy to pass my lips.

So to stay in control and keep focused I decided to menu plan! I'm not the most adventurous of eaters, in fact I'm a bit of a fuss pot but here we go!

I'm currently following the Slimming World plan so all meals will be adapted to Slimming World friendly recipes.

Monday 26th June -  Homemade burgers stuffed with cheese and garlic served with salad and garlic mayo.
Tuesday 27th June -  Diet Coke chicken served with rice.

Wednesday 28th June -  Pizza topped gammon (you can change this to chicken) served with vegetables, coleslaw and jersey potato's.

Thursday 29th June -  Spaghetti Bolognese with Slimming World style garlic bread.

Friday 30th June - Chicken breast stuffed with garlic butter and wrapped in bacon served with salad.

Saturday 1st July - Slimming World style buffet - pease pudding wrapped in ham, seasoned chicken skewers, tuna stuffed cucumber, crustless quiche, salad, coleslaw, wedges, carrot sticks with dips and a fruit platter.

Sunday 2nd July - Slow cooked roast beef with vegetables, Yorkshire pudding, roasties done in the halogen oven and meaty gravy.

I feel so focused about the week ahead now I have a plan. I feel confident for a good week. Onwards and downwards!

I'd love to hear from anyone else who meal plans or any yummy Slimming World friendly recipes you may have.

If you'd like to link up, please visit Laura's Blog.

5 Things I Loved About Spring

It's no secret that Autumn is definitely my favourite season but I do enjoy Spring too. Everything changes and people seem much happier. Maybe because Summer is on it's way?

I thought I'd share my 5 favourite things I enjoyed during Spring.

1. My most favourite thing is definitely the scenery and flowers. We have such a beautiful view to the front of where we live. I love opening my balcony door and seeing all of the pretty flowers and plants in full bloom. The trees begin to flower and blossom and everything looks so pretty and colourful. I love my home filled with gorgeous flowers. Especially Gebera's, Tulips and Gyp. They can lift your mood instantly and make the place look so fresh.


2. Sleeping with the windows open. I love changing my bed sheets, opening my window and climbing into bed. There's nothing more satisfying than a cool breeze coming in during a warm night. The smell of the freshly cut grass and the pitter patter rain drops during the April showers. It's definitely a sense of comfort and I always have such a good nights sleep.

3. Ducklings. We have a large pond just outside our home. We often feed the ducks and swans, it's so cute watching them waddle over with their families. During Spring we always get new fluffy friends who stay with their parents until the end of Winter, she then chases them away and starts the process again. I absolutely love seeing them and always look forward to it during May.


4. Hanging my washing on the line. I honestly don't think there's anything better than clothes that have been dried on the washing line. The smell, the feel, everything! I was so excited when we had our first ''good drying day''. Now I feel really old and boring but like they say, it's the simple things in life.

5. Last but not least... I find it much easier to ''diet'' or eat healthy during Spring and Summer. The warmer months I tend to comfort eat and pile my plate up with yummy get warm dishes like casseroles and stews. I'm often cold, wet and miserable to often visit the takeaway. During the warmer months I find it much easier to stay motivated and grab a piece of fruit or knock up a salad. I never want something too big or heavy when it's warmer.

A bonus love of mine is fragrance. Everyone knows my huge love of candles. Come Spring/Summer I always have a big candle haul and stock up of clean, fresh and fruity scents rather than the warm and cosy ones I enjoy the colder months.

I've recently been enjoying Sweet Cucumber, Apple Custard and Fresh linen from Crystal Cole Candles - her wax melts are amazing and last so long.

I hope you enjoyed reading about my loves of Spring, I'd love to hear what you enjoyed during Spring.

Save The Dates

As you all know! I get married August 2018 and I'm super organised. I'm planning on having everything sorted by the beginning of 2018 so I can have a stress free 6 months.

We're getting married in prime holiday season and during the kids school holidays so I thought I best get my save the dates out early!

However, during the process of ordering my save the dates, I also decided to get a puppy. Minnie. She loved my save the dates so much that she ate the ones we had left to send out!

An excuse to buy more maybe?

I searched Pinterest and just couldn't find anything I loved enough.

I came across these on Ebay and fell in love. They're so different and pretty. I hadn't seen anyone with them before and they were a real bargain (£1.25 each) so I decided to order them.

They arrived within 1 weeks and the seller was lovely. She sent me a proof copy to make sure I was happy with them before they arrived. They came securely packaged with the cards, envelopes, pencils and twine. They took 2 minutes to put together and my guests loved them. Lots of people commented on how unique they were.

I was pleasantly surprised when they arrived as I was expecting them to be quite small but they weren't. They're a decent size and everything is so clear to see. I love them.

I'm really happy with my purchase and it's made me more excited to shop for wedding invitations!

Click here to visit the link for the seller I used. Very reputable, efficient and gorgeous work! She offers many different designs for all of your stationery needs!

Big Day Print

In case you didn't know... I'm planning a wedding! And have been for a while. The big day is next year and I'm planning obsessed!

One of the things I've been struggling with is finding something different.

I find myself scrolling through Pinterest and Etsy looking for wedding favours, thank you card, invitations etc but everything seem so generic or ridiculously expensive.

I actually gave up on my search and decided to put my creative streak to good use and make my own invitations! I'll be keeping you all updated with the finish product.

If only I found Big Day Print earlier!

I was chatting with Frankie (she and husband Mark own the company) and we were putting the world to rights! We both agreed that there isn't enough choice and we want to have our own personal touch to the day. From the minute we send the invitations until the guests go home on the evening, we want the day to be remembered as different and personal.

Frankie faced the same troubles as me when she and Mark were planning their big day. That's when Big Day Print was born! They worked together on their own wedding stationary and perfected it to their tastes. Their passion grew and they wanted to help other brides like me, to make their day as special and as unique as possible.

Mark is a graphic designer with over 10 years experience so I know I'll be in safe hands when I finally decide what I'm going to purchase from Big Day Print. I've got my eye on the cutest little memory frame which I can personalise with my own letters and words. Something I can showcase on my wedding day and then have in my home for the happy years after.

Over at Big Day Print they cater for everything from weddings, birthdays, signs, business cards, leaflets and christenings. They offer a personal service and no job is too big. Feel free to contact them for a no obligation quote, they're both so lovely and friendly.

I visited their website and was in my element. It's really easy to navigate and everything is laid out in sections. I had a mooch about and felt so at ease knowing someone else had experienced the frustrations of wedding planning and we're able to offer exactly what I was looking for.

The process is so easy too, you simply let Frankie and Mark know what you want and they work their magic! I found their prices to be really fair too considering it's completely bespoke and up to you what you want your stationary to turn out like depending on the look and impression you're trying to achieve. They also offer some amazing price crunching prices if you're looking for more than one thing.

If you're in need of stationary or business supplies then check these guys out! Finally, congratulations to Mark and Frankie and I wish you the best of luck with your new business! I'll be back soon with my stationary wish list.

*I was not compensated for this post however I did receive a discount code in exchange for an honest review of www.bigdayprint.co.uk*

Minnie at 10 weeks old

I can't believe we've had our little cutie for 3 weeks now! If you don't now who Minnie is, you can meet her here first.

She has settled in so well!
The first few nights were a bit daunting for both of us, she cried a lot but by the 3rd night she was fine, she now sleeps all night in her cage in the living room and doesn't wake up until 6am. It's like having a new born baby without the night feeds.

She's had her first vet check up and they were really pleased with her progress. She's a fit and healthy little fluff ball of utter joy and love.

She's met most of the family and loves them.

Another 3 weeks and we can go and explore the world together! I can't wait to take her for nice walks to the beach and through the park. She'll love being outdoors.

She's mastered the command of sit and occasionally gives a paw. She's 80% pad trained for doing her business, this will be a lot easier when she can go outdoors!

She's been bathed and absolutely hated it! She was so scared of the water but loved her hairdryer, she thought it was a game. Her little tail was wagging away and she ended up all nice and clean with a very fluffy blowdry!

She has sooo many toys and loves them all, she's at the chewing stage now so I'm constantly following her around and telling her to stop chewing my walls and wires!

So yeah, she's absolutely perfect and we're loving every minute with her. She brings so much love, laughter and joy to our home and we couldn't be without her.

*Minnie is fed on Walfcol Salmon & Potato dry food as I believe it helps keep her happy and healthy and is great for her little body. Grain free and less likely to cause sensitivity or upset. It also helps to keep her beautiful coat so white and clean*

The Benefits Of Being Grateful

Gratitude doesn't mean saying thank you for receiving a luxurious gift or someone doing something for you. Being grateful is much more simple than we often think and so much deeper.

Being grateful can be anything you are thankful for. I recently got sent a Gratitude Journal and I've agreed to take part in #100DaysOfGratitude. Each page has a little quote on, I love reading them! I'm a sucker for a quote.

Some of the things I've been including in my journal are:

My partner being offered a new job, better hours, more money and closer to home.

Having a good day at work and meeting all of my targets.

Minnie being happy and healthy.

Spending time with my family.

My partner helping me clean the house and eventually doing odd jobs I've been waiting for forever!

                      Treating myself to some lovely new candles and wax melts.


So yeah, being grateful doesn't have to be anything huge, I've been journaling 5 things every day I am grateful for. I'm so excited to see the benefits! I'm a big believer in positive vibes and as a sufferer with anxiety, I love trying different (and natural) ways to feel happier within.

''The quality of being thankful is the readiness to show and return kindness''

Being grateful has so many benefits

Emotional benefits:
1. More relaxed
2. Less envious
3. More resilient

Social benefits:
1. More friendships
2. Healthier relationships
3. Kinder

Career benefits:
1. Better management
2. Improved decision making skills
3. Increased productivity

Health benefits:
1. Improved sleep
2. Less sick
3. Increased energy levels

Personality benefits:
1.  Increased self esteem
2. Less materialistic
3. More optimistic

I'm really looking forward to completing my challenge and hopefully reaping the rewards. If you're taking part I'd love to hear from you!

What are you most thankful for today? Let me know below.