Essential Guide To The Perfect Outdoor Wedding

There is something impossibly beautiful about an outdoor wedding. It doesn’t matter whether it is a destination wedding on some faraway island, a stunning lakeside spectacle, a ceremony in a magical forest glade, enjoying some romance in a botanical garden or the warm and fuzzy familiarity of getting married in your parent’s garden - outdoor weddings are always something special.

But as divine as tying the knot in the great outdoors will be, there is a lot of things you need to wrap your head around in order for it to be the successful day you’ve been dreaming of. So, without further ado, here’s how to have a flawless reception surrounded by Mother Nature.

1. Pitch Perfect
The amazing thing about tents and marquees is they can be pitched almost anywhere, meaning you can soak up the views of your favourite lake, country park, manor house gardens or estate. Of course, the sort of tent you opt for will have a huge influence on the sort of bash you want to host, so we recommend peeking at Fews Marquees to see what styles are out there. Just remember to weatherproof it - air-conditioning for those hot summer days, patio heaters for when the sun goes down, floor surfaces to keep people dancing and wall panels to protect from the wind and rain.

2. Mood Lighting
Every wedding needs to have a bit of mood lighting. Paper lanterns hanging from the rafters, pin-spot lighting above your favourite features, twinkling fairy lights wrapped around trees and stately chandeliers above the tables. But don’t stop there. Make sure there is enough light outside the marquee so that people can see after dark, whether it be illuminated mason jars to light your path or a spotlight above your outdoor lounge area.

3. Music For The Setting
When it comes to choosing your music, nothing will make your setting stand out from the crowd more than music that plays on this. It’s having a steel drum band for your beachside reception, or a folk band to help you dance the night away at your woodland wedding or local musicians to set the groove for your destination ceremony. Of course, you’ll need to make sure you have power to make all this possible, so don’t forget to organise that.

4. The Necessities
If you’re setting up your tent in the middle of nowhere, you need to think about renting some restrooms, and not just any old porta-loo but a luxury restroom. It’s the little detail that can make or break your big day, so opt for something with in-room music, granite tops, gorgeous soaps and AC/heating. Don’t stop there, though. Deck your restroom out with pretty flowers, luxury hand towels and monogrammed stickers on the mirrors. Oh, and make sure there is enough. Queues are the worst.

5. Choose Charm
It doesn’t matter where you’ve decided to have your outdoor wedding - from rustic woodland to backyard bash - every wedding needs to have a lounge area, one filled with comfy sofas, soft throws, coffee tables and plenty of pillows. Once you’ve created this little corner, decorate it like a home away from home. Mmmmm.