The Morning Of Your Wedding - A Survival Guide

The morning of a wedding is likely one of the most nerve-wracking parts of your wedding day. This is because when you’re in the moment of experiencing the wedding, you can focus on the present moment and all the beauty to be found there. However, the morning is the time to worry. This is the time where anything and everything that could go wrong will fly through your mind and back again. It might put you off your breakfast. It might make you a little irritable. However, with the following survival guide, you will be sure to relax more than you might have otherwise done:

Professional Hires

Knowing that all the professionals you have hired are en route to your wedding is something that will give you peace of mind. From the best wedding photographer to the caterer to those opening the event hall for you, a simple call in the morning ensuring they are still on for the day can help you feel comfortable in the knowledge that these services will stay reliable and prompt for you at all times.


Have some time to care for yourself. Simply sit and meditate if you can, or even get a small workout/stretch routine done! Have a long, luxurious shower with the best grooming spa items you have treated yourself to. Treat yourself to a nice coffee, or a treat of some sort. You need to eat breakfast here, no matter how little your appetite. Eat at least a nutritious bowl of cereal to help you stay energized for the morning. Be sure to hydrate. If you have time, read a chapter of a book to wake up your mental faculties. With all this in mind, preparing for the morning ceremony will be that much easier, because you will have woken up fully and given your mind a rest from the intensity of the upcoming day.

Friends & Family

Bring your friends and family around in the morning to help you set up. They might remember items to bring, or help you get dressed correctly. They will help ensure that your transport is on time, and give lifts to those who need them. They might also allow for a gentle word of encouragement that you really need to hear, or simply provide a loving presence for you to feel supported.

Ensuring that the transport is there early will ensure that you can either make separate arrangements, deal with traffic, or simply get to the venue at the correct time. This is the number one cause for worry with most people on their wedding day. Don’t worry if you’re a little late, it’s not the end of the world. What matters is your willingness to arrive at the destination your best self, caring and loving and filled with wonder at the new life you’re about to begin.

With these tips, you can be sure that the morning of your wedding day will be nothing if not excellent in almost every aspect. We wish you only the best.

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