A Very Handsome Groom Indeed

In the midst of wedding preparations, it can be helpful to remember that it’s not going to be the bride’s big day, but it’s the groom’s too. Too many wedding planning agents and wedding magazines tend to forget that the groom will be just as anxious to look his best on his special day. Unfortunately, grooms are too often left unguided and unsupported in their clothing choices, so that they tend to look for the easiest and most cost-effective solution in order to stick to the original wedding budget. They hire a suit, which may or may not fit them, and hope for the best. It’s time to give your groom a chance to shine as well. For a start, it’s a good idea not only to discuss and decide on the budget together but to set a fashion budget for each of you. As a general rule of the thumb, bridal wear represents up to 10 times the groom’s outfit for the wedding day. This must change. Your groom deserves a suit that is as unique as he is.  

There is also such a thing as groom’s outfit excitement
If you’re in the process of preparing your wedding, it’s fair to say that choosing the dress is one of the most exciting things you’ll get to do. It’s a fun shopping experience, which you can share with your mother, sister, or best friends. Ultimately, if you rally your squad, you can be sure to get an honest opinion about your choice of bridal wear. So it’s only fair to accept that your groom will probably want to experience the same level of excitement when choosing his suit. There is be plenty if questions of course and that’s why he should share the experience with friends too.  What is the wedding suits best colour? What cut is right for his body shape? Make it clear to your groom that he should embrace the shopping hunt.

What does the groom need to know?
If your groom is anything normal, he probably doesn’t realise that there is more than one type of suits. For a start, getting measured will ensure that he finds something that fits properly, or alternatively, he can find a tailor for all alterations. Additionally, there’s the question of defining what kind of suit is right for him, not only in terms of colours but designs, cuts, materials and styles. Just like the bride needs to work closely with a shop assistant to find the right dress, the groom should get in touch with a professional tailor to discuss his thoughts and desires.

How can you help your groom?
You can’t choose a suit for your groom, and he can’t pick a dress for you. But you can make the task easier for both of you by agreeing on a wedding theme and colour palette. The palette will inspire the invitation cards, the decor in the venue, and of course, both your outfits for the day. There are always a few favourite trends, such as grey, pink, navy and cream, but ultimately you can be as creative as you want to.

Your wedding day is the occasion for the bride and the groom to shine equally. Just because you’re wearing the dress, it doesn’t mean your groom can’t be stylish and dazzling too!



  1. I'm not sure about letting the groom choose his own suit! Mine would probably come back with something ridiculous lol so I definitely would want to help him choose the right one

  2. When we got married, my husband was so surprised at how many different options and styles of suits were available but he kind of already knew what he wanted


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