Tips To Make Your Wedding Planning As Easy As Possible

Wedding planning is far from an easy task in itself, and can be made dramatically worse when things begin to go wrong for you and your partner. Sometimes these things cannot be helped and while you want to take control of everything, sometimes it’s not possible and you have to let things simply happen. There are ways that you can ensure that your wedding planning goes as smoothly as possible, and with a little bit of extra planning and the right resources, you could find yourself planning the day of your dreams with ease and hopefully without hitting any bumps along the way!

Get your partner involved

One of the biggest reasons that people hit a standstill when it comes to wedding planning is because they are trying to do it alone. This is often because the bride feels that their groom isn’t interested in the little details, which can lead to arguments about plans that you have made. Make sure that both of you are planning your big day together so that you can avoid any arguments about decisions that are made. The best part about planning your wedding together is that you will know that come the big day everything you’ve chosen is what you both like.
If your groom doesn’t seem to have any contributions towards what he would like to have during your wedding, a great way to keep him involved is by choosing an array of choices for him to choose his favourite from. This way you will still be able to have a discussion as a couple about the final choice. It may even spur on some contribution from him!

Keep an eye out for flash sales

Paying for a wedding was never going to be cheap, but there are ways to get certain aspects of your wedding for a cut price than normal. Often wedding dress retailers have flash sales so that for a small period of time their dresses are extremely discounted to what they would normally be. This is often when new stock is coming in, or they have a lot of stock to shift. Keep an eye out for flash sales that are coming your way so that you can get a slice of the action and get part of your wedding a little cheaper than imagined.

Even venues have flash sales on event hosting, so make sure that the venues you’ve got in mind are closely tracked by either you or a family member so that you don’t miss out on a discounted price. The same goes for many other aspects like your honeymoon, band/dj, catering and much more. Keep an eye out to save yourself a few bucks!

Use trusted companies to handle aspects of your big day

When it comes to things like your wedding invitations, it’s important to use trusted companies to buy from so that you’re getting the quality you want and deserve. A common mistake that many bride and grooms make it trying too hard to keep everything as a discounted price, and then they end up being disappointed with the end product. Check out Paper Themes wedding invites for all of your wedding invitation needs. They are a trusted company that can offer quick turnaround times, and even send you a proof of purchase sample before confirming your main order just so that you know everything is how it should be. Here are some other things you should use trusted companies for:
  • Wedding decorations
  • Favours for your guests
  • Your vehicle hire service
  • Your clothing and accessories
  • Catering and venues

Keep a wedding journal

Make sure that you do everything in your power to stay organised when it comes to planning your wedding. Any detail, no matter how small should be documented so that if you need to come back to it, you’ve got it all safe in once place.

This can prove useful for companies expecting payment when you know you’ve already paid, and also creating and tracking a checklist of things to do before the big day. Stay organised and buy yourself a wedding journal so that you can avoid hitting any bumps along the way. Plus, after the big day is over it’s a great keepsake to have to look back on in the years to come.

Know what you want before beginning any plans

Another mistake that many couples make is by jumping straight into wedding planning without knowing what they want beforehand. This can easily lead to mismatched parts of your wedding, or even forgetting small details for the big day!

Sit down together and talk about what you’d like as a theme, and go through every detail that you can think of together so that you can get a rough idea on what to look for. Here’s a fabulous list of things to remember when planning a wedding. It might be an idea to keep a copy of it so that you don’t accidentally miss anything!

Remember that there are always alternatives

Finally, there is always a chance that you might not be able to get exactly what you want in every detail of your wedding. Try not to become too disheartened because there are always alternatives to your original plan. For example, if the band that you wanted to book for your wedding are unavailable on the day that you’ve set, consider looking for tribute bands, or even similar ones that are able to play the songs that you’d like during your reception. You might even find a better alternative than you’d expect!

There’s a lot to think about when planning the best day of your life, and it’s understandable that you can feel stressed out and like you’re getting nowhere. Remember to always stay as organised as possible, book well in advance, get some help with planning and lastly, enjoy it as much as possible!


  1. These are some wonderful tips for anyone who is planning to get married soon (or anytime for that matter), I'm already married so I am going to use your tips for planning my baby shower, which will take place soon. Thanks for sharing these! :)

  2. It was such a stressful time, the preparation of my wedding! But your recommendations for getting the partner included can be life salving!!

  3. These are great tips for those who are currently planning their wedding! It's really important to get your future spouse involved in all of this.

  4. I am loving the tips here. I agree with all of them. I had a journal when planning my wedding 9 years ago.

  5. I blog about weddings! Using trusted wedding professionals is definitely a must and a great tip! :)

  6. I have never been married, but I organise them for work and boy are the stressful not just for me, but the couple who are due to be married.

  7. I definitely involved my husband with every detail we wanted in our 2010 wedding, although I was a DIY and a very hands-on bride, I did most of the details myself (with consent from my husband!) and our day turned out so beautiful! :)


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