The Ultimate Wedding Guest Guide

Weddings aren’t just exciting for the bride and groom and their families. Guests can have a great time too, and there’s little more exciting for a wedding-obsessed woman than receiving an invite to such a special event. We get excited, we spend time planning, and we let ourselves get carried away with the romance of the occasion. This can make wedding season the best time of the year.

Wedding season isn’t as packed as it once was. Nowadays people marry at any time in the year. Getting married in the winter time can be magical and save the happy couple and their families vast amounts of money. But, there is still a wedding season. From your mid 20’s until middle age, you may find that you have a few weddings to attend every summer, from May until September. Now that these wonderful occasions are upon us, whether you are a seasoned pro and have attended countless weddings, or you’re just starting to see your friends move on to the next phase in their relationships, there’s a lot to plan before you attend a wedding, even as a guest. Here’s a guide to help you get it right.

Your Outfit
Getting your wedding guest outfit just right can be tricky. You want to look wonderful without outshining the bride or members of the wedding party. You also need to consider the time of year, plan for unexpected weather changes, and make sure you’ve got a bag that will hold anything you might need for the day. Wedding days can also be long and include lots of hanging around so comfortable shoes are a must.
Try to find out what colours the wedding party will be wearing to ensure you won’t clash, then shop around for the perfect dress. But, don’t feel pressured to wear something different every time if money is tight. You’re probably the only person that will notice.

The Gift
Many couples now register for gifts, which can be a massive help. But, it’s not always. Often gifts on the list are very expensive, and if you’re not that close, you might not want to spend that much. Other couples don’t register at all. These wedding gift ideas for 2018 are fantastic and offer something for every budget. Just try not to get sucked into any wedding gift politics. Don’t worry about what might be expected of you. Get them something that you think they’ll like.

The Day
The last thing that you want is to be late. So, make sure you know where you are going, if you are driving, use a sat nav and if you are getting a taxi, give yourself plenty of time. Pack things like spare tights, deodorant, lipstick, painkillers and mints and don’t forget your tissues!

Put Your Phone Down
It can be tempting to take photos, tweet and connect throughout the day. Don’t. If the couple wants snaps appearing on Instagram, they’ll have set up a hashtag. Let them share their day when they are ready and don’t ruin it with constant phone clicking


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  1. Weddings are a great place to catch up with your relatives. To be a good guest, these tips are really important to follow. I find it so annoying when guests act like they're in charge and want it their way. How I wish these tips were mandatory to follow and printed on the wedding card, lol ;)

  2. I think putting your phone down is the most important! Live in the moment!

  3. This is a really useful post and you have shared some really good tips. I particularly like the one about respecting the couples big day and not being obsessed about taking photos and sharing . Instead its good to enjoy the celebrations.

  4. Such great tips. If al guests followed these tips, it will make weddings even more fun to attend. Great post

  5. I haven't really been to that many weddings, just two of my friends but they're such a great occasion but always so hard to find a good outfit for x

  6. I'm guilty of not putting my phone down and I should really work on avoiding that routine. Also finding outfit can be hard so talking to other guests and what they plan to wear can be sometimes helpful.

  7. Nice tips. I totally agree with phone thingy. That's courtesy - its their moment that only shared with us - let them decide to share it with everyone too.

  8. These are nice tips. During my brother's wedding, I became an instant wedding coordinator. I made sure all guest had their gift bags and souvenirs. It's a daunting task but fun!

  9. I've been to a few weddings now and I have to agree the hardest thing to find is the outfit. You do not want to go too glam and steal the brides thunder, so I personally think it's always best to consult the bride.

  10. I must admit, I enjoyed being a guest a bit more than I enjoyed being a host at the wedding. It's just much work and it's too chaotic to try to to manage all the details of a wedding when you are the host.

  11. I’m going to a wedding this month and it will be fun to catch up with family. I like the advice of knowing the colors of the wedding to dress accordingly. Thanks for sharing!


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