Happy 1st Birthday Minnie

I can't believe my little girl is one today!

On 13th April 2017 we welcomed Minnie the 8 week old Bichon Frise puppy into our home. It's been the best months of our lives.

Although it hasn't always been easy (I'm sure other puppy/pet owners will appreciate) it has been so worth it. She is the funniest yet most loving little furball ever.

Minnie is growing into such a beautiful dog, inside and out. Although she's so small and cute, she has such a big personality and everyone who meets her just falls in love. She is the friendliest little girl ever and gets so excited to see people (or generally anything that moves), she wants everyone to say hello to her and insists on giving everyone lots of kisses and cuddles.

She's fully trained and is so obedient. She still has her moments but which dog doesn't? She is a pleasure to have around and everyone is so very fond of her.

She's amazing with children and just loves to play. She's gentle and caring and knows when to tone it down. She's such a clever little girl and I gush with love and pride every time I look at her.

She's always there to cheer me up or give me a cuddle. Five minutes of Minnie time and you're instantly in a much better mood.

Baby girl, you brighten up my every day and you'll never know how much love and joy you bring into our home and life. We all love you so very much and can't wait to spend many more happy and tail wagging years with you! Even if I do have to share my blueberries and carrot sticks with you, you're worth it!

To celebrate this very special occasion, we were very kindly sent a birthday box from My Pet Gift Box and Minnie was over the moon with it.

 It included:

2 tennis balls
Kong Hugz toy
Doggy birthday cake
Soopa Healthy Bite treats
Pooch and Mutt treats
Pet Munchies natural treats - Minnie's favourites
Betty Millers natural treats
Personalised birthday card


Happy first birthday Minnie, enjoy your pawsecco and birthday cake.


Check out My Pet Gift Box on Instagram to see their other pet goodies and boxes.

We received this gift box for the purpose of this review however all words, opinions and pictures are my own. Thank you so much, Minnie absolutely loved it and it made her first birthday so special!


  1. How frekaing cute is Minnie and I love her celebration drink Pawsseco, too cute. Happy birthday Minnie.

  2. Ahh Happy birthday Minnie! She is utterly adorable and I love that she had her own Pawsecco, that's actually hilarious!

  3. What a cute little dog! Every dog deserves a life with a human to pamper them and love them the way you do!

  4. OMG dog cake and wine . . . now I've seen it all! haha I love how happy she looks gazing at her gifts. What a fluffy princess!

  5. Is it weird that I actually felt my heart break a little from the cuteness overload that is your puppy? Please, please wish her a happy B-day for me and throw her a bone... cause she deserves it :)

  6. haha that's such a great way to celebrate your dogs bday!

  7. awww she is such a cutie! Wish her a very happy birthday, looks like she enjoyed all the goodies!

  8. What a sweet little angel! She is adorable. happy first Birthday to her! Pets are such wonderful parts of our lives, they are filled with such unconditional love!

  9. Happy birthday to Minnie, she is so adorable and incredibly cute. The treat box is perfect with lots of lovely doggy treats.

  10. My goodness, she is such a cutie, a very Happy birthday Minnie, this gift box for pets seems just so adorable for our dearest pets.

  11. Oh, This is such a lovely cute dog. I simply love her. My kisses. Happy 1st Minnie.

  12. Minnie is so cute!! Sending loves and kisses to her! <3

    Happy Birthday!

  13. What a cute little dog and I love that she had her own Pawsecco! so cute.

  14. Wow! I can totally relate - I have my two,not small but still adorable and hug gable sibe - first trimester was truly tedious yet fulfilling, and for our furkids birthday we always want the best for them. Happy Barkday Minnie!

  15. What a cutie! Happy birthday, and I bet that cake was devoured. I hope for many endeavours in your doggy life!

  16. This is absolutely hilarious. I'm in love with the idea of the dog wine! That is insanely precious. It seems like she lucked out on the doggy lottery!


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