5 First Date Tips

Meeting someone for the first time can be a very daunting experience, especially if you met through online dating or social media. You could be the most confident person on the planet but I'm pretty sure a first date is enough to make anyone even a little bit nervous. You'll question every choice you make in the lead up, you'll worry about them not liking you or there being lots of awkward silences or you'll question if your date will even show! Yes, the majority of us have been there and it's not a nice feeling. I get that. I still remember how I felt before my first date with my soon to be husband.

Love is the most beautiful thing in the world and so is dating. The passion and excitement is electrifying but I bet there's a few of you who wish you done or said something different on a first date. A first date is kind of the make or break of any opportunity for future dates, Blow the first one and you probably won't be going on a second.

Worry not! Agony Aunt Chelsea has got some super helpful dates for all you daters.

1 - Agree on a meeting place. Don't be over relaxed and agree to go anywhere. You won't enjoy it and your date will sense it. Think about what you'd feel comfortable doing and go from there. If you hate movies then obviously don't go to the cinema!

2 - Don't get drunk. Lol. Easier said than done. I remember knocking the wine back like water on my first date, I needed something to steady the nerves but I regret it so much. Take it easy and make sure you'll be able to remember it all the next day. We all know what alcoholic can do to our dignity.

3 - Don't give too much too soon. Your date doesn't really need to know about your financial worries or job stresses just yet. You don't want to lie to them and appear perfect but you also don't want to scare them away. Just relax and keep it light hearted.

4 - Don't just talk about yourself. We're all a little guilty of this. Take an interest in your date, even if they have hobbies that don't appeal to you, ask about them and be genuine when trying to get to know them. Don't shine a torch in their face and interrogate them.

5 - Be honest. This is huge for me. Honest comes first for me in any kind of relationship. I don't expect a proposal on the first date but I do like to know what the other person is looking for. I'm not asking what we should name our first born or puppy or where we should buy our first home but I do like to know where I stand. If I'm looking for something that eventually turns serious then it's pointless going on a date with something who's off to travel the world next week. Be honest about yourself and your desires, it'll pay off.

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I'd love to hear your top tips for first dates below.

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  1. I used to be awful on first dates, I'd get so nervous that I'd talk quite a lot, even if it was questions. But when you find someone you're super comfortable with everything seems natural x

  2. Ha ha. Nice honest tips. Loved the third one that Don't give too much too soon. Very frank. Dont loosen up too soon:)

  3. I can get carried away talking about myself a lot! Good tip

  4. These five tips are definitely so realistic and I would agree on these! Definitely shouldn't be drunk and should be honest, but not give out too much. :)

  5. Great tips! I remember I had too much wine before and told all my secrets lol. But luckily I didn’t scare him away and now I can’t get rid of him lol.

  6. Great tips! First dates can definitely be very tough. I think number 4 is very important. A first date is your change to get to know the person.

  7. It's definitely easier said than done.... staying sober!! HA! Sharing the conversation and LISTENING to the other person as much as you talk, is so important. Men do this ALL the time... lol drives me nuts HA

  8. Ohh you took me back on my first date with my boyfriend! I was so nervous! And of course I wasn't sober I just has to drink some wine to relax !

  9. LOL I always make sure there's alcohol available at a first date. Especially if things get awkward... Definitely avoid getting actually drunk though.


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