10 Things To Remember When Wedding Planning

Unless you've been hiding under a rock or had no social media for the last 18 months then you'll know I'm planning our wedding! The big day is fast approaching, we still have some time left but it's flying by.

I've loved most of the planning but it can get stressful and become very overwhelming. I thought with setting our date and initially having 3 years to plan the whole swaray, it would be plain sailing and stress free. I was wrong! Wedding planning is a bumpy road, it's about learning to overcome them and move on.
Here's the 10 things I've realised since our wedding planning began:

1. You can't please everyone and that's okay. It's a wedding, a time to celebrate the marriage and love for each other with your nearest and dearest. It's not a people pleasing party and others opinions shouldn't matter. As long as you and your soon to be husband/wife are happy, nothing else really matters on the day. We can stress over guest lists and overthink the judgement of others but in the end does that really matter? Not at all. If you want pink candy floss draped off the ceiling then have it, if you don't want to provide entertainment then don't. It's your day, one of the rare times all attention will be on you and you have full control of how the day goes. Make the most of it!

2. You'll know when you find THE ONE. I was dreading wedding dress shopping. I knew the style I had in mind but I was worried about going and actually trying them on. Being a plus size bride to be can be very daunting! I've lost 6 stone during our planning, still more to go but my confidence is growing slowly but surely. I tried a couple of dresses on and liked them. I then tried the final dress and I felt sick with excitement and nerves. I was so emotional and didn't want to take it off. I ordered it there and then and paid the deposit. I see so many people posting in wedding groups on social media asking for opinions and sharing pictures of them in wedding dresses. I don't understand why these brides do this, the opinion of a stranger should not matter. If you feel confident, beautiful and comfortable then why torture yourself by asking for feedback online? Go with your gut. If you feel fabulous if layers of ruffles and a 10 layer underskirt then go for it. It's YOUR wedding dress! You only get one shot and wearing it. Hopefully.

3. The minor things don't really matter. I stressed for months over wedding favours and centrepieces. I spent hours on Pinterest looking for ideas and nothing was jumping out at me. I finally realised that none of these minor things actually mattered. Yes they make the tables look pretty and give a book background for photographs but no one will remember what was in the middle of the table. It's the conversations, atmosphere and excitement that makes memories. Not favours and napkins.

4. You will need a budget. I made the mistake of not setting a budget and just paying/buying things when I seen something I liked. Big mistake! I've spent a small fortune and still have a way to go. I'd highly recommend setting a budget, even if you're not limited to a budget, it's good to have some figures in mind otherwise it can get ridiculous and you'll just spend spend spend! Everything wedding related is pricey and the more you look, the more you find! Pinterest is amazing but very dangerous! There's so many ideas you just NEED on your day. Be wise and have a budget!

5. The guest list is about the people you want to share your day with. Not the people you feel like you have to invite. Unfortunately we couldn't have everyone we hoped at the daytime reception due to numbers and seating arrangements and yes some people have taken huge offence at this but at the end of the day they aren't funding our wedding and we certainly won't lose any sleep about not inviting our old next door neighbours who we haven't seen for 7 years.

6. Don't expect people to be interested in your plans. You'll be mega excitement, maybe even slightly obsessed but others won't feel the same. Yes they'll be happy for you and yes they'll ask how the plans are going from time to time but don't expect people to always be asking and don't expect people to be involved. Even bridesmaids! Luckily my bridesmaids/maid of honour is really helpful and supportive but I've cut 2 others who just weren't! You'll definitely start to question your friendships and realise who's important to you and who/what really matters. You'll be surprised who is and isn't there when you need them most.

7. Book in advance! I had my heart set on a florist, I use them all the time! I approached them 2 years before our wedding date only to find our they were already booked! Same happened with my preferred makeup artist. So definitely remember to book the important bit's (especially the church/registrar) well in advance to avoid disappoint. Leave all the small things like suits and invites until closer to the day. You may think you have ages but you really don't. Good suppliers get snapped up quickly.

8. You will change your mind. ALOT! One month you'll love pastel pinks and the next you'll want something vibrant and funky. Don't rush out buying things to match a particular colour scheme or theme because new trends and ideas will always be catching your eye and it can end up a big fat waste of money if you go out on a whim and buy everything pink and later decide you want yellow with blue stripes! Before making any official and final decisions, make sure you're sure!

9. Don't compare your day or plans to others. We have 7 friends getting married in the same year as us. I'm so excited to be attending all of these weddings because I know each and every one of them will be different and personal to each couple. Make your day special to you and don't compare your day to others. Everyone has different tasted and it's not a competition.

10. Stressing about it won't make it easier! Like I've said before, wedding planning is stressful and overwhelming. If you're getting frustrated with your plans simply take a break! Log out of Pinterest, stop searching for pretty venue décor and forget about bridesmaid dresses for a while. Recharge and go back to your plans with a clear head. You'll feel much better for it and you'll be much more productive.

Most of all remember to have fun with it! We spend so much time and effort in the build up and the day is over with no quickly! Remember to relax and take it all in... hopefully we only get to do this once!

If you've got any top tips or helpful hints for planning a wedding, I'd love to hear about them!

20 Throwbacks From The 90's

I was born in 1993 so I'm 100% a child of the noughties. What a good era that was eh!

I was chatting with friends recently and we were discussing throwbacks. It really got me thinking about how much things change.

I'm going to sound really old here! But when I was younger I remember the only meltdown I had was when the streetlights came on and I knew I had to go home. Hide and seek had to end and I couldn't build anymore dens or treehouses until the following day. Now, kids have meltdowns because the Ipad isn't charged or they can't find their ps4 controller!
I thought I'd share my 20 favourite throwbacks to remind myself how great the 90's were!

1. Inflatable chairs and bags. These were a must and you needed one in every colour possible.
2. Nokia 3210/3310. The battery lasted a week and snake kept you entertained for hours. Candy crush didn't have a look in back then.
3. MSN Messenger. You'd of course have your boyfriends name surrounded by hearts of BFF somewhere in your screen name. If you weren't on MSN then you weren't able to communicate with the world!
4. Bebo and Piczo. You'd only give your crush or your current BFF your love, limited to 3 per day. What a struggle that was!
5. The Sims. A very unrealistic way to prepare for adulthood and independence.
6. Zoe Slater and Fred Elliot. Soap opera icons! I say I say.
7. Brookside, Bad Girls, Footballers Wives and Family Affairs. Bring them back!
8. Dance mats. No weekend was complete without at least 3 goes on a dance mat!

9. Jane Norman. This was the shop you needed to shop at, just to keep the bag to use for your PE kit.
10. Nikelodeon. Keenan & Kel, Sister Sister, Two Of A Kind, My Parents Are Aliens and Sabrina The Teenage Witch - must watches of the 90's!
11. Groovy Chick. Everyone loved this purple doll with her flicky bob.
12. Woolworths. What a shop this was! Toys, clothes, sweets, gifts, media. You name it! Wooly's had it.
13. Chocolate bars that didn't make it. Mars Delight, Dream Bars and Flake Snow. The best chocolate bars EVER.
14. Pop groups. The Spicegirls, Backstreet Boys, Atomic Kitten and Busted. You knew every word!
15. Scented gel pens were a must for returning back to school.
16. Jelly shoes. Those bad boys tried to make a comeback but they just weren't the same.
17. Cabbage Patch dolls. The only doll that was ugly but smelt beautiful!
18. ''Talk To The Hand Cos The Face Aint Listening'' was the cool and polite way of saying do one!
19. If you didn't have a Gameboy to play tetris then you lived a sheltered life.
20. Stick on earrings. They lasted for about 45 seconds but you felt like such a chick for the very short time.

I'd love to know if you remember any of these throwbacks! Feel free to share your own below too.

Meet Minnie

For about 2 years we've thinking of brining a 4 legged friend into our home but we wanted to be sure it's what we wanted.

Having a dog is a lot of responsibility and we wanted to feel confident that we could offer a dog the best life possible. We didn't want to rush into it as we'd probably face problems later on.

We both work but I'm lucky enough to work from home, we rarely go away for any length of time and I have family and friends close by to dog sit if we ever need them so we decided now was the perfect time to find a fury friend.

I had my heart set on the Bichon Frise breed but my partner wasn't really a fan, he wanted something more masculine! But we had to think logical and choose a breed we knew we could manager and give a good home to.

After months of research we finally agreed a Bichon Frise would be best for us. Then it was time to find a reputable breeder.

I began searching and came across some very untrustworthy adverts! Then a friend recommended searching the Kennel Club website. I seen a breeder in our local area and gave her a call. She had one puppy left, we made arrangements to go and see her and fell in love instantly.

On 13th April at 7 weeks and 4 days old Minnie came to her forever home. She's settled in really well and is already a big part of the family. We adore her and her cheeky little personality. She fills our home with love and laughter and we can't imagine our lives without her, even after such a short time!

I'm sure you'll see lots more of Minnie, especially if you follow me on social media. She has taken over my Instagram!

I'm so glad we made the big decision! And definitely the right one. If you're thinking of getting a puppy then please do your research and choose a breed which suits you best. I found this website really helpful when we were first decision which breed would suit us best and which breed we could offer a good life to.

Here's why we chose a Bichon Frise:

Good for novice owners. We've both had dogs growing up but never had the sole responsibility for one so choosing a breed which didn't require extensive training and wasn't high maintenance was definitely a good step for us.

Happy living in small spaces. Although we have a very large flat, it's still a flat and doesn't have a big garden. Luckily we have lots of beautiful walks, fields and parks close by but it's nice to know our puppy will be comfortable is smaller spaces. It would be really silly and unfair of us to get a great dane!

Extremely friends. Bichons love to be socialised and get on great with adults, kids and other animals. They're very playful but also very gentle. They love attention and often just want a cuddle. We always have people in and out of our home especially small children so this was very important to us.

General Health. Bichons don't have a history of any major health issues. They are prone to a few things but nothing that we need to worry about, they're quite cheap to get insured too which was a big bonus!

Easy to train. Bichons can be very stubborn and independent but if they know who's boss from a young age then training is a walk in the park. They love to please people and are very obedient.

Quiet... this was a biggie for me! As I work from home I need a quiet and calm space to work from. We didn't want a big that would yap and bark all day at the slightest noise. Bichons are not very mouthy at all.

No mess. We've recently redecorated and bought everything new for our home, we just need to renovate the bathroom and then add a few finishing touches but we didn't want our home to be full of hair. Especially white hair! Luckily Bichons don't cast so there is minimal mess! They need to be brushed everyday and groomed every 6-8 weeks so they're pretty easy to maintain.

There's so much more we love about Bichons but these are the main points we considered when deciding who we would suit most. We made the best decision ever and I'd recommend a Bichon to anyone!


 To kick off my comeback I thought I'd host a little giveaway!

A few months ago I discovered a candle/wax melt company (CandleBelle) and fell in LOVE!

Their melts are amazing and last sooo long. I'm giving 1 lucky reader the chance to win 5 wax melts in my choice of scent.

My chosen scents are:

1. Clean Cotton Sheets - This scent is so fresh and is perfect for Spring/Summer

2. Baby Powder - No explanation needed!

3. Squeaky Clean - This is one of my favourites, it smells just like dove soap. I love the clean smell it fills my home with.

4. Key Lime Pie - Again, it smells just like the real thing and the fresh citrus scent is gorgeous!

5. Raspberry Ripple - Remember drumstick lollies, the sweet chewy sticks of yumminess... yep, smells just like those treats!

UK entrants only, winner will be picked at random and announced on 30th April 2017 a Rafflecopter giveaway .

This giveaway is not endorsed by anyone other than www.Chelsea-Elizabeth.co.uk

What's New?

Chelsea Elizabeth (recently known as Life In The North) is 3 years old now! WOW, it seems like just yesterday I decided to go public! For my old readers... welcome back! I've missed you all! We've undergone a makeover and must admit, I love it! I've had my little break but I'm back and raring to go.

If you're new then welcome!

Been here before and wondering what happened?

I lost my way with Life In The North, I felt I didn't know where I was heading and I had no structure. I worked with some fantastic brands and enjoyed every minute but I knew it wasn't fair on my readers, everything was a little bit all over and you know that's not me! I had no focus or motivation.

I like to be organised and can be a little bit of a perfectionist at times. So here we are, all fresh and excited! My posts will still be around the same things, mainly weddings, beauty and lifestyle related but I've decided to no longer do blogging as a job, it always has been and always will be my hobby and I think I can produce much better content that I'm happy with that way, without the pressure of it all.

I've still got some great posts coming and I'm so excited to be working with some amazing brands and sharing my life with you again!

So a big thank you for your understanding and welcome to Chelsea Elizabeth.

Let's have some fun!