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Wedding Regrets That Will Make You Question Your Own Plans

Regret can be both a nasty and revealing feeling. On one hand, it makes you upset, annoyed or sad because you overlooked something or made a bad decision, but on the other hand, it also teaches you to be more careful in the future. When it comes to regrets, the worst ones are those that can affect us for the rest of our lives, and weddings are a prime source of regret especially if they’re rushed or treated without respect.

In this post, we’ll be revealing five wedding regrets from real bridges and what they would do to change it if they could.

The Guest List
There are two main concerns when it comes to the guest list; you can either invite too many or too few people. Of course, it’s difficult to prioritize your guests and it’s a tough decision to make when choosing between one guest or another. However, you also don’t want to invite too many people because it will increase the cost of the wedding and you also won’t have much time to communicate with everyone.

As a result, you need to balance your guest list to include everyone that cares about you, but also try to leave out guests that you don’t really keep in touch with or have no real history with. There are far too many considerations when it comes to your guest list, so try and balance it as best as you can.

Private Moments
When planning a wedding, it’s natural to be stressed out because there are just so many considerations and concerns. Timing is important and you might not have a moment to speak to people one-on-one. For instance, you might not be able to tell your father how much they mean to you, you might not be able to catch up with that long-distance friend that made an effort to come to your wedding, and you may have missed your chance to reconnect with family members you fell out with.

Try and make time for private moments with those special guests in your wedding or you might never get a second chance.

Hasty Relationship
The last thing you want is to wed yourself into a terrible relationship. The reason so many people take forever until they decide to marry is that they want to make sure that their relationship is just right. It’s not uncommon for people to divorce, remarry or even consult legal teams like Slater Heelis solicitors to help them with their relationships, but this ultimately becomes a regret. If you aren’t careful and rush ahead with your relationships, then you could end up wasting a lot of time, effort and money while also creating many bad memories.

In other words, don’t rush it. A hasty relationship will never work out and you need to take it slow. You don’t need to marry so early, just let the idea develop naturally.

Final Words
We all learn from mistakes and regrets, but there’s no reason that you need to make those mistakes and regret them yourself. We can learn from one another, and this article is here to show you that others have made these mistakes so that you don’t need to.


Less Stress and the Perfect Dress: The Most Magical Wedding Made Easy

You envision yourself walking gracefully down the aisle, with the adoring faces of your family staring at you in admiration. Your wedding day couldn’t be going more perfectly and that’s because you approached it with a calm and clear head. If only this dream would turn into a reality. At the moment you are sat on your living room floor surrounded by glossy brides magazines desperately searching for wedding hacks to make your life easier. You constantly have the wedding on your mind and it’s all you can even think about. Your try to focus at work, you go out with your friends or you hit the gym to let off some steam, yet the thought of planning your wedding never seems to leave you alone. You want it to be a magical day without any stress or strain, so here’s how to calm your brain and do everything the right way.

The Perfect Planner
If you want to make your wedding day stress free then you should seriously consider hiring a wedding planner. They will ask you exactly what you want to get out of your special day and make it happen for you. Look into Lamp Productions, they will be able to give you more information on their wedding packages. Someone from their team will also be dedicated to assisting you plan the wedding of your dreams.

Delicious Delights
No wedding is complete without delectable food and a gorgeous cake. Head out on a cake tasting day with your husband to be and make it an enjoyable day. You should also consider trying out menus for the wedding breakfast, to make sure you like the food that is going to be served. You might even want to try out some innovative cocktail recipes to serve to your guests when they arrive at your special day.

Dazzling Dress
Picking out your dress has got to be one of the most exciting aspects of your wedding day. You can head out shopping with your mother, sister or your best friends. Make a fun day out of your dress shopping experience, as you will never get the chance to do it ever again. Go in with some vague ideas in your mind about what kind of style you want from your dress, but leave your mind open to trying new out new things too. You will find ‘the one’ in no time.

Rally Your Squad
Your bridesmaids are there to make your day go off without a hitch, so make sure they are well informed of their duties for the day. Whether they are in charge of your hair or checking your flowers are ready, give everybody a job to do so that you aren’t left worrying about anything on your day.

Your perfect day is going to go off without a hitch, as long as you have the right people around you at all times. Leave the stress at the door and start enjoying the process of planning your dream wedding. All you need is positivity and the rest will follow seamlessly.


Insider Wedding Hacks Vendors Don't Want You To Know

Weddings are a big deal, and to get them right takes a lot of organisation and money. In fact, there is a whole industry that has sprung up around catering to weddings, and you can hire just about anything from sparkling lit backdrops to medieval bagpipe players to make your day unique. However, if you are looking to run your day on a budget, you may be better off following the tactics below rather than approaching vendors in a traditional way, because by doing so you can save a whole heap of money.

Buy Wholesale
First of all, remember that your wedding vendors have to buy their materials somewhere. Therefore if you approach this place known as a wholesaler, direct you can cut out the middleman and the cost that they add onto the items for finding and providing them.

In fact, this works with many wedding related things from the most simple crisp white table cloths, to more elaborate decorations and objet d'art that are perfect to reinforce your wedding theme and make your day stand out among the crowd.

Be aware though, that for some wholesalers you will need to visit their store in person and set up a business account. Others are more lenient however and have online stores that you can shop in from the comfort of your armchair, so do your research beforehand to make the process a little easier.

Last Minute Bookings
Next, a great tip for saving money on services and items that wedding vendors provide is to consider booking last minute. Yes I know for some brides the stress of this is too much, and they want everything shipshape and Bristol fashion at least a year before the big day. However, for those of us that are little more relaxed about this sort of thing, booking last minute can save a fortune.

In fact, you can book your entire venue last minute and probably spend half the total price you would on your big day. Although, if this seems a little too stressful remember that those vendors that are offering items for the wedding for hire such as vintage crockery and decorations are usually happy to get last minute bookings and so will offer a discount.

Of course, to do this responsibility, you also need to have a plan B that you will be happy with just in case you can't get each what you want for your wedding.

Connect Your iPod
Another area that people tend to spend a lot of money on when getting married is music. String quartets live bands, and DJ can cost a fair bit, especially if they're popular in the local wedding circuit. However, it is possible to reduce this cost, and it's super simple too.

All you need to do is to book you live music for half the time, usually after the food so guest can dance and connect your iPod up to the venues' speakers during the meal. Then you can choose any songs you like and create a free playlist via apps like Spotify, and have some classy background music without the high price tag.  

Last, of all, it is vital to remember that a lot of the fabulous decorations and details that you see on Instagram and Pinterest, ones that can cost you a large wedge of your wedding budget can be made yourself. Yes, it takes a little more time and effort, but as there are so many online tutorials both written and on video it's pretty easy to do.

Use a tutorial like the one above to help you make your decorations.

In fact, all you need to do is decide on the decorations like bunting, paper pom poms, or a seating plan that you want to create yourself. The next task is to locate a tutorial that lists the materials that you will need, as well as how to create the items. Then you can pop to the craft store and stock up and start making.

Of course, if you have a lot of individual pieces to make it is a great idea to get other people that are involved in the wedding to help out too. With this in mind, why not throw regular get-togethers for the bridesmaids and groomsmen where you offer wine and food and put them to work creating your decorations?

After all, for many of the items that can be DIY'd, it is still way cheaper to do it this way, and you get the benefit of hanging out with your wedding buddies and get excited for the big day as well!


Easy Cocktails

From snow to sunshine. That's just how we roll here in the UK. Not long ago we were out sledging and building snowmen. Now we're out buying shorts and sun screen ready for the summer. Grab it with both hands though as tomorrow it could be chucking it down!

Nothing screams Spring and Summer more than a cocktail. Well, cocktails are acceptable during any season but there's just something about summer that makes these drinks extra delicious. Maybe because they're a reminder of having the sand between your toes and sun on my face?

Anyway, whether you're planning a party, a BBQ or even just a night in, cocktails are always a wise choice. Not only do they look good but they taste even better and there's so many different ones to choose from.

This is one of my absolute favourites. It's fresh, fruity and just tastes of summer.

Watermelon Glory - This is one of Jamie Oliver's concoctions. It's the sweetest and freshest cocktail and goes down like juice. I haven't decided if that's a good thing or not but it's a taste sensation and easy to make which is always a winner in my eyes


You need:

2 shots of golden rum
400g watermelon
1-2 tbsp. vanilla syrup
1 handful of ice cubes

Simply blitz the rum, watermelon and 1 tablespoon of syrup with some ice cubes in a blender. Have a sip and add the remainder of the vanilla syrup if required, depending how sweet you want it. Pour it into a glass and serve with extra slices of watermelon on the side, if you like.

Taadaaa, you have a gorgeous cocktail ready to drink! Alternatively, if you want to experiment more, I highly recommend the cocktail starter set from The Cocktail Store. It comes with everything you need to start making delicious drinks and even has a book with lots of recipes for you to try.

I'd love to know your favourite summer drink?

Favourite Wax Melts

If you're a regular reader then you'll know about my love for wax melts, candles and all things relating to home fragrance.

A few of my friends recommended Little Ideas With Love to me but my collection was always so big, I kind of never bothered but my social media newsfeed was always so full of amazing reviews and pictures about this wax. I decided to just go for it, I mean you can never have too much, can you?

I placed my order on the website and within a week I had placed another 3! That's how impressed I was with the products. I'm totally in love and have quite the collection building up.

The scents I have so far:

Little Ideas With Love creates their own unique blends of fragrance. Some of them smell very similar to some leading brands but there's always a twist with it to make it unique and special to Little Ideas With Love. They create wax pods, discs, scoopables and my favourite.. Brittle.

I love the brittle, you get a bag full and can just snap off however much or little you'd like. It comes in a resealable bag too with a clear label of the scent on the front. It's beautifully coloured and decorated and each bit is different. I love how pretty it looks especially when it's melting.

There are so many scents to choose from on the website and it's always changing and new scents being introduced but my personal favourites so far are AvoLimeBath, Lemon Curd, Blackcurrant & Liquorice and Pink Lemonade.

The wax is handmade in Yorkshire by the owner, Rachel, who is so lovely. Quality and customer service is everything to her and she offers an outstanding service, hence why I've ordered so much in such a short space of time.

The scent throw on her wax is amazing and lasts much longer than the leading brands I've tried. You don't need to top it up, I use mainly electric warmers and have them on for about 6 hours a day, I can easily get 3 days out of a few small bits of brittle before needing a top or a change. I'd say one bag of brittle would last me 10 changes.

There's also bath and body products available. I've got my eye on a face mask, it's had some great reviews.

If you like candles and home fragrance, I highly recommend Little Ideas With Love. If you decide to purchase, please use my code - IGCHELSEA10 for a 10% discount on your order and tag me on Instagram to show me what you got. I love to see what scents other people choose.

Also check out the Facebook page where you can catch Rachel, the owner, live making some products in her workshop.

On 1st every month, a surprise box goes live on the website - there's usually 7-8 products in the box and they're a complete surprise until you receive them, there's usually about 30 boxes available and it's first come first served, they go live at different times each month to make it fair on everyone. One lucky box will have something different from everyone else, this box receives more goodies from Little Ideas With Love.

*This is NOT a sponsored post and I paid for this wax using my own money. This is NOT a collaboration, I do not receive any commissions or monetary rewards from purchases, I genuinely just love the products and think my readers would too*

Shop - HERE  with code IGCHELSEA10 for 10% discount

4 Stresses Of Wedding Planning That Everybody Forgets

Everybody knows that planning a wedding is incredibly stressful, if you didn’t you’re in for a big shock. If you want to make the whole thing a lot easier on yourself, you need to work out what the most stressful bits about it are going to be and make sure you get a bit of a head start on them. Often, it’s the things that you thought would be easy that cause you the most hassle and the things that you thought would take you ages are a breeze. These are some of the areas that are likely to cause you the most stress when you’re planning a wedding.

Choosing A Wedding Planner
Getting a wedding planner is supposed to make things easier, not harder, and it does. However, choosing the wedding planner in the first place can be incredibly taxing. What you’ve got to remember is that you’re putting the biggest day of your life in somebody else hands and it’s vital that they get everything right. When you’re trying to choose a wedding planner, always meet with them and share your ideas and see what their input is, if you’re not on the same page from the start, steer well clear. It’s also better to go for luxury wedding planning services rather than trying to do it on the cheap. They’ll have a lot more experience and they can help you plan the day that you want, without having to make any compromises.

The Seating Plan
Weddings are great because they bring so many people together to celebrate your special day, but that can cause problems as well. A lot of those people that you’re bringing together might not like each other very much. You’ve got to consider family feuds, exes and loud drunks when you’re sorting out your seating plan. If you seat the wrong people next to each other, it could spell disaster. The best thing to do is start with any guests that could potentially cause trouble and make sure they’re separated, then you can start filling the gaps with everybody else.

The Rehearsal Dinner
When you’re caught up with planning the actual wedding itself, the rehearsal dinner becomes a bit of an afterthought. That means you’ll be rushing to sort it out last minute which is a nightmare. You’ll have to make a lot of the same decisions like guest lists and seating plans for the rehearsal dinner as well and if you’re not careful, you might end up going over budget. Make sure that you’re thinking about the rehearsal dinner from the beginning and you leave plenty of time to plan it before the big day.

When you’ve got that many people coming to one place, they all need somewhere to stay. If you leave it to the last minute, you might not be able to find enough rooms for everybody which is obviously a bit of a disaster. You can try to reduce the stress by getting people to sort out their own accommodation where possible, then you’ve got nowhere near as many people to make arrangements for.

If you thought that choosing a dress was going to be the most stressful part of planning a wedding, you’re in for a big surprise.

The Ultimate Wedding Guest Guide

Weddings aren’t just exciting for the bride and groom and their families. Guests can have a great time too, and there’s little more exciting for a wedding-obsessed woman than receiving an invite to such a special event. We get excited, we spend time planning, and we let ourselves get carried away with the romance of the occasion. This can make wedding season the best time of the year.

Wedding season isn’t as packed as it once was. Nowadays people marry at any time in the year. Getting married in the winter time can be magical and save the happy couple and their families vast amounts of money. But, there is still a wedding season. From your mid 20’s until middle age, you may find that you have a few weddings to attend every summer, from May until September. Now that these wonderful occasions are upon us, whether you are a seasoned pro and have attended countless weddings, or you’re just starting to see your friends move on to the next phase in their relationships, there’s a lot to plan before you attend a wedding, even as a guest. Here’s a guide to help you get it right.

Your Outfit
Getting your wedding guest outfit just right can be tricky. You want to look wonderful without outshining the bride or members of the wedding party. You also need to consider the time of year, plan for unexpected weather changes, and make sure you’ve got a bag that will hold anything you might need for the day. Wedding days can also be long and include lots of hanging around so comfortable shoes are a must.
Try to find out what colours the wedding party will be wearing to ensure you won’t clash, then shop around for the perfect dress. But, don’t feel pressured to wear something different every time if money is tight. You’re probably the only person that will notice.

The Gift
Many couples now register for gifts, which can be a massive help. But, it’s not always. Often gifts on the list are very expensive, and if you’re not that close, you might not want to spend that much. Other couples don’t register at all. These wedding gift ideas for 2018 are fantastic and offer something for every budget. Just try not to get sucked into any wedding gift politics. Don’t worry about what might be expected of you. Get them something that you think they’ll like.

The Day
The last thing that you want is to be late. So, make sure you know where you are going, if you are driving, use a sat nav and if you are getting a taxi, give yourself plenty of time. Pack things like spare tights, deodorant, lipstick, painkillers and mints and don’t forget your tissues!

Put Your Phone Down
It can be tempting to take photos, tweet and connect throughout the day. Don’t. If the couple wants snaps appearing on Instagram, they’ll have set up a hashtag. Let them share their day when they are ready and don’t ruin it with constant phone clicking


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